NV5 acquires Axim Geospatial

On February 23, Hollywood, FL-based NV5 Global, Inc. announced that it has acquired Axim Geospatial of Sun Prairie, WI. Axim expands NV5’s capabilities in the federal defense and intelligence sectors and strengthens NV5’s leadership position in geospatial utility solutions. Axim’s industry-leading enterprise geographic information systems (GIS) also strengthen NV5’s GIS capabilities through cloud managed services, delivering secure and scalable offerings to meet the growing need for GIS data and analytics.

Axim’s 340 employees operate out of four offices and have delivered geospatial services in 180 countries and seven continents. Axim utilizes over 200 proprietary geospatial survey and mapping tools to support repeatable, scalable, and efficient geospatial data production and presents opportunities for synergies associated with NV5’s high-altitude data acquisition capabilities. Axim offers four geospatial delivery models, including Survey and Mapping, Enterprise GIS and Cloud Services, Critical Infrastructure and Security, and Business Solutions and Analytics to deliver customized solutions to meet clients’ critical business challenges.

“Since first entering the geospatial market in 2017, NV5 has expanded its capabilities in geospatial data analytics, subscription-based geospatial software, SaaS service models, and proprietary, tech-enabled data acquisition to become the nation’s leading provider of geospatial data solutions,” said Dickerson Wright, PE, Chairman and CEO of NV5. “The acquisitions of Axim and L3Harris’ commercial geospatial technology and software business have made NV5 the leader in geospatial solutions for the defense and intelligence community and strengthened NV5’s existing federal geospatial team.”

“Axim Geospatial is proud to join NV5.  Our mission has been to use geospatial solutions to make the world a smarter, safer, and better place to live, and as a part of NV5 we can accelerate that mission,” said Dave Hart, Founder and CEO of Axim Geospatial.

Source: NV5

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