NuWave acquires ProModel Government Services

On December 22, McLean, VA-based NuWave Solutions announced that it has acquired ProModel Government Services  from ProModel Corporation. ProModel Government Services is an agile provider of mission critical predictive and prescriptive analytic software solutions for decision support to the Department of Defense and U.S. government. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

This is the second acquisition completed by NuWave since being acquired by AE Industrial Partners, LP (“AEI”) in June 2020, following its acquisition of BigBear earlier this month. AEI is a private equity firm specializing in Aerospace, Defense & Government Services, Power Generation, and Specialty Industrial markets.

For more than 25 years, ProModel Government Services has built innovative and adaptable custom model-based software solutions to visualize complex and disparate data, synchronize operational needs, mitigate risk and optimize resources to support strategic and tactical decisions for the Department of Defense and other federal government agencies. The company’s technology solutions provide near real-time situational awareness of the current environment and a predictive view of the future environment based on today’s decisions. Its solutions operationalize and automate disparate data and business processes, significantly enhancing customers’ “decision space” and enabling federal government organizations to make rapid, informed decisions that directly impact current and future defense readiness.

“It’s critical that the Department of Defense and other government organizations not only make the best decisions for today, but also have the tools to accurately predict how those decisions will impact future plans. ProModel Government Services is uniquely qualified to help federal government agencies with their decision making, and help ensure that their processes are more efficient and resources are better managed,” said Dr. Reggie Brothers, CEO of NuWave.

“The technologies and methodologies developed by ProModel Government Services are best in class, and NuWave is excited to welcome them into our growing family of companies.” “It’s an exciting opportunity for our team to join NuWave, a national security focused advanced analytics company that deeply understands the unique challenges and opportunities of our sector,” said Carl Napoletano, Senior Vice President and General Manager of ProModel Government Services. “Being part of NuWave will provide us with greater support and additional solution offerings, which will benefit both our customers and employees alike.”

“ProModel Government Services’ deep mission intimacy and ability to create technology-driven solutions for their customer is incredibly impressive,” said Jeffrey Hart, principal at AEI. “When we initially partnered with NuWave, we set out to create a platform focused on information and decision dominance, and ProModel Government Services significantly contributes to our vision and value proposition.”

“We believe the combination of ProModel Government Services and NuWave provides government organizations and commercial customers proven methodologies and technologies that can reduce risk by increasing confidence in their predictive decision making,” said Kirk Konert, partner at AEI. “As a recognized leader in analytical technology solutions, we are proud that NuWave is well positioned to assist leading national security agencies when making critical decisions and planning for the future.”

Source: NuWave