Nuix USG to hold Government Thought Leadership Summit

Ahead of its Government Thought Leadership Summit on March 7, Herndon, VA-based Nuix USG Inc. announced on February 8 keynote speakers Thomas Ruoff, director of innovation and mission integration, Department of Homeland Security, Office of Cybersecurity & Communications and Anthony Jimenez, president & CEO, MicroTech. Ruoff will fill the role of government keynote speaker, and Jimenez will be industry keynote speaker for the event.

The 2017 Government Thought Leadership Summit, titled “Leveraging Data in Today’s Government,” is an educational event that brings together U.S. government agency leaders and industry experts to discuss, learn, and share knowledge about the challenges, best practices, and most effective ways to handle digital investigations, cybersecurity threats, and eDiscovery across government. The event is free for government attendees and will be held at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Washington, DC.

Attendees will learn how government agencies and industry experts are leveraging and managing one of their greatest assets—their data—to solve problems, efficiently and effectively discovering data, and securing their agency’s data in today’s challenging landscape. The agenda, designed specifically for local, state, and federal government managers, features panel sessions that will provide a forum for discussion and knowledge sharing on the real-life challenges facing agencies and best practices for handling investigations, eDiscovery, and cybersecurity threats.

“The 2017 Government Thought Leadership Summit will provide a unique forum for government attendees to hear directly from agency leaders and industry experts,” said Keith Lowry, senior vice president, Nuix USG. “They will discuss and share the challenges and best practices they’ve learned handling digital investigations, eDiscovery, and cybersecurity threats while leveraging and protecting agency data that is unique to the needs of state, local, federal, defense, and intelligence agencies.”

Thomas Ruoff 
Director of Innovation and Mission Integration, Department of Homeland Security, Office of Cybersecurity & Communications

Tom Ruoff has worked in cybersecurity for 19 years. He is director, technology innovation and mission integration in the DHS/NPPD/CS&C Chief Technology Office, and serves as program manager for the DHS Cyber Weather Map and the Integrated Adaptive Cybersecurity Defense (IACD) efforts. He formerly served the DHS as director, Cybersecurity Education Office and program manager for Einstein 3.

Anthony Jimenez 
President & CEO, MicroTech

Anthony (Tony) Jimenez founded MicroTech at his kitchen table 12 years ago (2004) and has grown MicroTech into a multimillion dollar company with more than 100 contracts supporting federal, state, and local government, as well Fortune 500 companies. Jimenez spent 24 years on active duty, is a retired Army officer, service-disabled veteran, author, and philanthropist with experience in data center services, transformational technology, and cloud computing.

Source: Nuix USG