NSTXL announces FORGE C2 winners

On November 8, NSTXL, manager of the Space Systems Command (SSC) Space Enterprise Consortium (SpEC) program, announced the award of the Future Operationally Resilient Ground Evolution Command and Control (FORGE C2) prototype project to Ball Aerospace, Parsons, General Dynamics, and Omni Federal.

“The use of the SpEC Other Transaction Authority provided the SSC team access to innovative technology that isn’t otherwise available with traditional contracting methods,” said Mike Malinowski, SpEC director.

The FORGE C2 prototype will serve as the foundation for a government-owned, cyber-secure Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) for Missile Warning satellite command and control, including mission management, ground control, telemetry, tracking, and commanding.

The award is Phase 1 of a multi-phase project that will ultimately develop, integrate, and deliver a consolidated Missile Warning C2 system. This project will leverage existing capabilities while integrating modern software practices, laying the essential groundwork to command and control the Missile Warning enterprise, including Next-Generation Overhead Persistent Infrared (Next-Gen OPIR) and Space-Based Infrared Systems (SBIRS) assets.

“FORGE C2 is another example of how OTAs are evolving the landscape of government contracting. The team here at NSTXL is excited to see how this benefits the DoD’s security efforts moving forward,” added Malinowski.

Ball Aerospace, Parsons, General Dynamics, and Omni Federal were each awarded a $9.75M contract through the Space Enterprise Consortium (SpEC) Other Transaction Authority (OTA) to competitively develop the FORGE C2 prototype over a sixteen-month performance period.

Once this project is complete, Phase 2 of FORGE C2 will be awarded to continue development and testing in support of the Next-Gen Polar launch. NGP initial launch capability remains in 2028.

Source: NSTXL

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