NSA publishes 2023 Cybersecurity Year in Review

The National Security Agency (NSA) published its 2023 Cybersecurity Year in Review today to share its recent cybersecurity successes and how it is working with partners to deliver on cybersecurity advances that enhance national security. This year’s report highlights NSA’s work with U.S government partners, foreign partners, and the Defense Industrial Base.

“The combined talent of our partners is the greatest competitive advantage we have to confront the increasingly sophisticated threats we see today”- Rob Joyce, Director of Cybersecurity

The Cybersecurity Year in Review highlights NSA’s recent cybersecurity efforts, including:

Establishing the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Security Center.

Detecting stealthy People’s Republic of China (PRC) intrusions into U.S. critical infrastructure and joined forces with partners (CISA, FBI, NIST, etc.) to expose those intrusions.

Collaborating with industry, government stakeholders, and academia to modernize cryptography to scale cybersecurity solutions and address the quantum threat.

“Cybersecurity matters. It matters to our partners and it matters to us. It ensures that our information, our intelligence, our knowledge can be shared securely.”- General Paul M. Nakasone, U.S Army; Commander, U.S Cyber Command; Director, National Security Agency; Chief, Central Security Service

This report includes information about NSA’s cybersecurity partnerships and the efforts in building them. This year NSA:

Inaugurated the new AI Security Center within the Cybersecurity Collaboration Center, which will promote the secure development, integration, and adoption of AI capabilities within National Security Systems (NSS) and the Defense Industrial Base (DIB).

Scaled NSA’s cybersecurity impact against global threats like Russian cyberespionage malware and malicious cyber activity from the People’s Republic of China together with U.S. and international partners and collaborators.

Increased enrollments in NSA’s no cost cybersecurity services to Department of Defense contractors by 400%, hardening infrastructure and strengthening the Defense Industrial Base.

Read the 2023 NSA Cybersecurity Year in Review to learn more.

Source: NSA

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