Novetta releases Entity Analytics v2.7

NovettaOn March 29, Novetta of McLean, VA released Novetta Entity Analytics version 2.7, an enhanced entity resolution and data analysis application that delivers complete visibility into the data driving an enterprise. Whether identifying fraud, developing laser-targeted campaigns, expediting sales funnel growth, building intelligence to drive strategy, or weeding out the bad guys, Novetta Entity Analytics v2.7 delivers advanced analytics software to transform enterprise data and accelerate business.

“Novetta Entity Analytics v2.7 has new relationship analysis capabilities that add more meaning and context to data going beyond simple resolution,” said Chris Hagner, Senior Vice President, Products and Technology. “Users can now conduct larger scale exploitation of transactional data and link it easily to real-world people, organizations, and locations.”

Novetta Entity Analytics v2.7 includes several new and enhanced features:

New Relationship Analysis Capabilities. Users can identify relationships between and among entities and records and discover hidden connections, such as households or those who attended the same event. Simple example strategies are now included; and, users can also add custom strategies to create a tailor fit for their needs.
• New Pass-through Attributes Feature. Users can now pass through non-matching data columns to the output – where that data will impact the final analysis –  and thereby reduce the manual work required by the user, allow easier integration with other tools, and give the ability to resolve data and build relationships on that data.
• Enhanced Power User, Developer Interface. This robust back-end interface allows customization of existing features or the addition of new capabilities. Additionally, the RESTful API, synchronized with the UI, offers access to features within the graphical workspace and makes them available for other applications. A documentation library provides guided flows for various APIs – yielding better integration and easier customization.

“The challenges posed by Big Data do not change the underlying truth; organizations need quality data to improve current business practices, increase customer intimacy, increase process efficiency, reduce costs, and analyze risk,” said Hagner. “V2.7 gives data analysts and power users a robust and flexible way to examine and connect data in new ways to present a reliable and trustworthy picture.”

Source: Novetta