Novetta Mission Analytics launched on Amazon Web Services

On June 12, McLean, VA-based Novetta released Novetta Mission Analytics (NMA) in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) marketplace, providing big data analysis and visualization capability to individual users with the click of a button.

Novetta Mission Analytics is a big data analytics and visualization web application that combines data from disparate sources in a wide variety of formats. This product gives you the ability to visually map relationships, customize views, and identify targets between entities of interest. As a result, entities and their relationships are quickly understood through customized searching, link-chart visualization, and collaboration.

“Novetta Mission Analytics in the AWS marketplace enables a whole new means of distribution of our premier entity link analytics tool” according to Kevin Heald, vice president of defense intelligence at Novetta. “NMA has always been available on Amazon’s cloud for elasticity reasons, but only as a managed service. Today’s announcement allows for clients to immediately deploy bring-your-own-data NMA instances that enables exceptionally rapid information discovery for commercial and government customers alike.”

This Novetta Mission Analytics instance ships with a sample of data that has been generated from the Defense Contract Audit Agency Active Contactors List, the OFAC Specially Designated Nationals List, and the GSA Excluded Parties List.

Source: Novetta