NGA appoints Brett Markham new west executive, deputy associate director for operations

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Director Robert Cardillo appointed Brett Markham as the NGA west executive and deputy associate director for operations, NGA announced March 12.

“I know [dual-hatting] is a departure from past practices, but I strongly believe it reflects how the position and our leadership structure has evolved,” Cardillo said. “[Brett] knows the mission, the workforce and the community.”

Markham represents the director and deputy director at the agency’s campuses in St. Louis and assists with the integration of all activities across the West. He is responsible for the coordination of enterprise, crosscutting activities among the agency’s key components in the West, and for maintaining open communication between leadership and the workforce.

In his role, Markham provides direct oversight of the NGA Operations Center, the Office of NGA Defense, the Office of Expeditionary Operations and NGA leadership at the three National Reconnaissance Office Aerospace Data facilities. He coordinates and synchronizes operational collections and requirements, planning, and worldwide management, to include directing analytic capabilities, and ensuring geospatial data is accessible and discoverable for users and customers.

He will play a significant role ushering in the Next NGA West facility being constructed in St. Louis. The mega-project is the largest federal investment project in the history of St. Louis, and is jointly managed by NGA, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and U.S. Air Force.

Source: NGA