NGA to host Industry Strategy Summit

On January 29, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency announced plans to host its 2021 Industry Strategy Summit.

The national security challenges faced by our nation are more dynamic and rapidly evolving than ever. This requires NGA to re-think and re-tool its business models and technical approaches in order to meet the security needs of the nation. In that spirit, it is vital that NGA – in concert with its partners from industry and academia – have a shared understanding of what future capabilities are needed and how NGA plans to build and acquire them.

Please join us for NGA’s Industry Strategy Summit 2021, a large-scale virtual event taking place on Tuesday morning, March 2, 2021.

This virtual event is an excellent opportunity for you, our partners and future partners across industry and academia, to gain insight and perspectives directly from NGA’s leaders. The discussions will focus on developing our future operational environment and the architectures and tools to support that environment. It is an opportunity for you to understand how we are organized to achieve that goal and how we plan to conduct business going forward.

NGA Deputy Director, Dr. Stacey Dixon, will provide opening remarks, and the Strategic Operations Office will share an unclassified description of our 2035 vision and CONOPS.  Mr. Phil Chudoba, NGA’s Associate Director of Capabilities, will discuss his views on new and emerging capabilities and the importance of industry and academia partnerships. Mr. Mark Andress, NGA’s Chief Information Officer, will provide insight on how we will organize and build-out a modern IT enterprise that is secure, resilient and technologically positioned to support advanced mission capabilities at a pace that keeps us ahead of adversarial threats. Ms. Kelly Pickering, NGA’s Senior Procurement Executive, will offer remarks on doing business with NGA and describe some near-term opportunities.

Attendance is open to members of industry and academia, and the briefings will be unclassified. After the event, feedback will be solicited to answer your questions and to shape our future engagements with you.

Registration and agenda information will follow shortly.

Full information is available here.

Source: SAM