On January 10, the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) released a request for information for the iSToRE II program. Responses are due by 11:00 a.m. Eastern on February 9.

NGA in support of the GEOINT Data Services Integrated Program Office is seeking information on how an interested contractor develop and sustain a software baseline in accordance with the Information Store (iSToRE) Program system requirements document (SRD).  The goal of the iSToRE contract is to maintain full operational capability.

NGA has a mission-critical need for continued sustainment of the Application Service Provider (ASP) portion of the current iSToRE baseline, which is hosted on an NGA-determined Infrastructure Service Provider (ISP) architecture with a common software baseline. It defines the iSToRE contractor management, procurement, transition, and sustainment activities necessary to operate and maintain the awarded contractor’s developed iSToRE software operational baseline.

The concept for deployment of iSToRE II is limited on-site, contractor-assisted installations, with a majority of deployments accomplished without the need for any on-site contractor support.

The contractor shall provide the all necessary personnel to perform Basic Cache Node (BCN) software enhancements at contractor facilities and services required to expand, sustain, and support deployment of the software baseline capabilities.  The scope of work shall include the following activities:

  • Software baseline enhancements
  • CDRL development and delivery
  • Test and evaluation
  • Integration and deployment
  • Operations and sustainment
  • Security
  • Program Management and Engineering
  • Training
  • Travel
  • Decommissioning

BCN capabilities shall be delivered within the current two deliveries planned for the current iSToRE II contract.

Review the NGA iSToRE II RFI.

Source: SAM

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