NGA opens 2021 GEOINT Hall of Fame nominations

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency is accepting nominations through April 15 for individuals to be considered for induction into the 2021 class of the Geospatial Intelligence Hall of Fame, NGA announced February 9.

The Geospatial Intelligence Hall of Fame recognizes individuals who have made significant and transformative contributions to NGA, one of the NGA heritage organizations, or the GEOINT discipline.

Nominees should be U.S. persons and/or allied partners who have made significant contributions to NGA, one of the NGA heritage organizations, or the GEOINT discipline. Current federal employees or individuals in a related paid activity are not eligible to receive the Hall of Fame Award. If the nominee is a U.S. citizen, the nominee must have concluded their federal service or related paid activity at least two years before their nomination to the Hall of Fame.

If an individual/organization believes that a current contractor employee at NGA meets the single narrow exception to the general rule that contractors and their employees may not be granted recognition, then the nomination must be coordinated with the appropriate contracting officer’s representative, the contracting officer, and the NGA Office of General Counsel to ensure that it does not adversely impact contract administration or ongoing business issues with the particular contractor, and the supporting reason for recognition must be clearly stated.

The Geospatial Intelligence Hall of Fame selection board will review all nomination packages, evaluate the merits of each package via open discussion, and submit a slate of suggested nominees to the NGA director. The director will render a final decision, and an announcement of the selection(s) will be made. A date for the 2021 annual induction ceremony has not been determined yet.

Source: NGA