NGA announces data integrity competition

The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency is seeking proposed technical solutions to help ensure the reliability and trustworthiness of data and is paying up to $300,000 for winning proposals, NGA announced December 16.

Known as the Chain of Custody – Data Integrity Competition, the project seeks to develop a prototype to provide data fingerprinting from the initial data collection point to receipt by end customers; ensuring data has not been manipulated throughout its life cycle.

The competition is being conducted through an Other Transactions Authority acquisition. The OTA construct allows for more widespread vendor participation and an increased number of innovative submissions.

“Data trustworthiness – or data integrity– is vital to the success of organizations that use data-centric architectures for operations like identification, categorization and decision making,” said Chad Files, NGA’s program manager for the project. “The Chain of Custody – Data Integrity Competition will benefit all users of NGA data, to include analysts, warfighters, first responders and decision makers at all levels.”

Participating vendors must demonstrate the capabilities of their chain of custody solutions in a government furnished simulated environment that resembles a functioning data supply lifecycle.

The total amount of the award is estimated to be from $100,000 to $300,000. NGA expects to announce winning proposals around April 2021.

The competition is available on Submission requirements are also provided on the site.

Source: NGA