New Norse Live Attack Map opens window into global cyber attacks in real time

Norse 112Norse, the leader in live attack intelligence based in Foster City, CA, announced on July 16 the next-generation version of its popular Norse Live Attack Map™. Offering a real-time window onto a broad range of security exploits as they are being carried out by intruders and criminal hackers around the globe, the Norse Live Attack Map dramatically demonstrates the Norse Intelligence Network in action gathering critical threat intelligence on these attacks as they are being carried out, intelligence that Norse uses to help enterprises defend their systems against compromise.

“The Norse Live Attack Map is a real-time graphical display of our global network of sensors, honeypots, crawlers and agents working to provide unique visibility into the Internet and the darknets where bad actors operate,” said Tommy Stiansen, CTO and co-founder of Norse. “The map is a powerful security tool that shows how Norse’s live intelligence identifies the compromised hosts, malicious botnets, anonymous proxies and sources of attack that other solutions miss.”

Already popular among security professionals as a live threat visualization, the Norse Live Attack Map has been rebuilt from the ground up to be more visually appealing and entertaining, and to provide deeper insight into the source and nature of cyber attacks. It features a completely redesigned interface that lets users zoom in on geographic areas of interest and choose from among several different physics engines to vary the action. The new Attack Map is also faster and less resource-intensive, and works equally well across desktop and mobile platforms.

Norse will also be integrating premium versions of the new Norse Live Attack Map into its offerings that are tailored to each customer’s assets and networks of interest to give security operations centers real-time visual feedback on attacks in-process with actionable context so they can move faster and more effectively to stop thefts and intrusions. These integrated versions of the map can provide illuminating displays of malicious activity entering or emanating from enterprise networks as well as activity from partner networks as they are hitting Norse sensors.

Source: Norse