Netecs releases “Evohop E-Series” next-generation network security platform

Evohop 112On January 13, Norco, CA-based Evohop, a division of Netecs, released the commercial version of its Proactive Network Security Platform “Evohop E-Series”. The E-Series feature set includes True Proactive Defense, 100% Bi-Directional Packet Inspection without legitimate traffic latency, Real-Time Global Collaboration of Attack information and Automation to terminate attacks in progress.

According to the company, the Evohop Platform uniquely combines the power of the cloud to do the heavy lifting while also providing a solid perimeter of defense at the edge. Once deployed, the E-Series platform also identifies and prevents existing internal attacks from reaching their destination on the outside, effectively securing your intellectual property and your brand.

“Our security platform has been running in the background assisting the U.S. Government in taking down the bad guys for the last several years”, said Chief Executive Officer Jeff Tooley. “We are excited to bring this technology to the commercial space and the timing could not be better. The intelligence that our global grid technology has gathered, has given us tremendous insight beforehand into attacks like some of the most recent, highly publicized and costly breaches. The beauty of our platform is that it is a proven technology with thousands of deployments and many years of intelligence; and research and development behind it.”

Evohop utilizes a unique and powerful hybrid platform, featuring a massive cloud infrastructure and an ultra-efficient local endpoint appliance. “Currently, our global grid is collaborating attack information with over 80,000 devices worldwide and updating every endpoint within seconds”, said Tooley. The Evohop global grid tracks millions of aggressors every 24 hours, effectively stopping Negative-Day and Zero-Day attacks. Evohop utilizes Automation to change the dynamic from people vs computers, to computers vs computers. Backed by relentless research and development, 100% security focused and not willing to compromise, Evohop is the most innovative, informative, intelligent and automated technology available on the market today.

Unlike other good IDS platforms that are great at identifying but not great at taking action, Evohop does both simultaneously. Evohop learns and identifies new threats quickly, automatically takes action and immediately collaborates that information with the rest of the global Evohop grid.