NCI launches US-made AI solution

NCI, Inc. of Reston, VA announced on June 19 the launch of its artificial intelligence (AI) solution Shai, which stands for Scaling Humans with Artificial Intelligence. Shai is one of the first American-made “operational AI” solutions coded entirely on U.S. soil, therefore meeting federal agencies’ rigorous cybersecurity requirements. This solution will significantly save costs and increase efficiencies by automating repetitive, high-volume tasks for agencies with systems and tools already in place.

“Unlike other AI solutions being offered to federal customers, Shai is 100 percent American-made, maintained and continually assessed by NCI cybersecurity experts supporting the U.S. Army’s Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM),” said Brad Mascho, NCI’s chief AI officer. “We have taken a strict and industry-leading security posture for our Shai capability to ensure it can safely interact with federal systems.”

NCI’s AI solution is trained to focus on highly-repetitive tasks in three strategic focus areas: service desk support, back office support and data entry/data migration. Examples of Shai’s work include account creation and maintenance, financial audit preparation, census and visa form processing, and information gathering for background checks and much more. Shai’s proprietary software allows it to log in to applications in the same way as any user. As a result, Shai does not need any APIs and can interact with any software or legacy system, just like any employee.

“Our AI solution is a transformative technology that will enable government agencies to leverage and build on capabilities already being developed in the private sector,” said Paul Dillahay, president and CEO of NCI. “NCI is differentiating our “AI-as-a-Service” offering by providing our customers with a proven, American-made product coupled with our dedicated services as an experienced government partner. We know it is only through the combination of a dedicated government contractor and a superior solution that the federal sector will be able to truly realize the benefits of AI. We look forward to partnering with our customers in a period of increasing time demands and fiscal constraints to help them realize the vast opportunities for increased compliance, efficiency and cost savings that AI can provide.”

“Operational AI can help drive efficiencies and change the culture of government by enabling agencies to reinvest in their staff and focus on the work that is most important to their mission,” added Mascho. “With a dedicated tool like Shai, agencies can automate repetitive, high-volume tasks so their personnel can work on more complex mission-critical tasks.”

Source: NCI

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