National Ground Intelligence Center releases ERADS solicitation

NGICOn June 2, the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command, National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC) released the solicitation for the ERADS device (Solicitation Number: W911W5-16-R-0009). Questions must be submitted by June 22 no later than 4:00pm EST. The closing date for the solicitation is July 5 at 12:00pm EST.

The objective of the ERADS program is as follows:

– Maintain a state-of-art competence in all technical areas required for ERADS THz/SMM-Wave/FIR radar and radar range facilities applications, advise NGIC ERADS Project on promising technologies, and make recommendations of technologies to pursue.

– Provide ERADS Project technical assistance in installing, maintaining, and upgrading compatible SMM-Wave devices, components, systems, for THz transceiver radar systems and compact radar range mechanical systems.

– Design, produce, fabricate compatible custom Schottky barrier quasi-vertical stacked, conventional and membrane planar, and related resistive/varactor diodes, components, modules, and detectors/receivers or sources for use in ERADS Program transceiver radar systems*.

– Fabricate and maintain a stock of compatible diodes and components.

– Perform characterizations of SMM-Wave devices/components/systems with custom THz calibration instrumentation equipment.

– Design, produce, and fabricate custom superconducting junctions/devices, such as SIS and HEB, for use in ERADS Project transceiver test bed radar systems.

– Design, produce, fabricate and operate other promising solid state or customized technical components for use as GHz-THz tunable milliwatt power sources and receivers for use in ERADS Project transceiver test bed radar systems.

– Design, produce, fabricate and operate specific one-of-a-kind THz spectrum transceiver mechanical and micro electro-mechanical components for use in ERADS Project transceiver test bed radar systems.

* NGIC ERADS project transceiver radars use fast-switching frequency synthesizers to drive custom designed Schottky type diode multiplier chains to generate the required output radar frequencies and bandwidths in the 100 GHz through 700 GHz range, or using a CO2-FIR laser based source driving Schottky type diodes as side band generators to produce the required radar frequencies and bandwidths in the 350 GHz through 3.0 THz range. In addition to the diodes, associated items such as custom mounting hardware, integrated circuits, and bias electronics are integral to these transceivers. See definitions section 2.1 for additional information.

Full information is available here.


Source: FedBizOpps