Cubic’s DTECH Labs launches new virtualization servers to deliver small-form ruggedized communications

CubicCubic Corporation of San Diego, CA announced on June 1 that its subsidiary DTECH Labs (DTECH), which operates within the Cubic Mission Solutions (CMS) business division of Cubic Global Defense (CGD), released two virtualization servers designed to provide customers with improved server room effectiveness and layout in space-constrained, mobile, rugged and battlefield operational environments. The new Mobile Modular Micro-Secure Enclave (M3-SE) modules, M3-SE-VSVR-P and M3-SE-VSAN-P, deliver the value and benefits of high-density, software-defined storagetechnologies that support Hyper-Converged Software (HCS) solutions. The servers are designed to support a Hyper-Converged infrastructure and feature decreased size, weight and power for use in space-constrained environments at the tactical edge.

The M3-SE-VSVR-P and M3-SE-VSAN-P are the first mobile virtualization servers successfully tested and adopted by a strategic U.S. government program. The scalable design of the products includes high-powered, fifth-generation Intel® Xeon® and Intel®CoreTM i7 computers with 32GB of RAM, up to 20TB of storage and the ability to support multiple virtual machines in a small form factor. They support 12GB/s Serial Attached SCSI (Small Computer Systems Interface)-Redundant Array of Independent Disks (SAS-RAID)and SAS-Host Bus Adapter (SAS-HBA) transfer rates and are 100 percent VMwarecompatible.

“DTECH’s VSVR and VSAN products are designed to meet the requirements by our customers to conduct any mission, any time, anywhere. They set the bar for performance and scalability in the small, secure, man-portable communications systems and server market segment,” said Mike Barthlow, vice president of secure networking, Cubic Global Defense. “We are pleased to offer an innovative design solution that combines efficient hardware engineering and compelling software for increased operational effectiveness.”

Cubic’s DTECH Labs designs, manufacturers and integrates a diverse range of mission solutions that meet the demanding requirements of military, government, first responder and commercial customers.

Source: Cubic Corporation