National Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance elects four new board members

National Cyber-ForensicsThe National Cyber-Forensics and Training Alliance (NCFTA), a nonprofit corporation focused on identifying, mitigating, and neutralizing cyber-crime threats, has appointed four new board members, effective September 9, 2014.

The NCFTA board of directors provides strategic guidance and oversight to the NCFTA CEO and promotes efficient cross-sector collaboration among private industry, government, academia and law enforcement globally.

The NCFTA, based in Pittsburgh, PA, was established in 2002 to enable the responsible sharing of information, and subject matter experts with partners to develop threat intelligence as part of the international effort to combat and defeat cyber-crime. The NCFTA emphasizes that cyber-crime can also support and enable current crises, including human and drug trafficking, terrorist activities, child exploitation and other illicit activities. Through NCFTA initiatives, hundreds of criminal and civil investigations have been launched, which otherwise would not have been addressed.

The NCFTA board includes executives from the telecom, technology, consulting, legal, accounting services, and financial industries, as well as higher education. The organization has a number of current initiatives, including targeting online financial crimes, consumer protection and the prevention of online fraud and counterfeiting, and malware.

“We are delighted to announce the new board of directors and appreciate their commitment to support the NCFTA’s mission to neutralize cyber-crime on a global basis,” said Maria Vello, president and CEO of NCFTA. “With their combined leadership, collaborative vision, and support for the war on cyber-crime, the new members will enhance the board’s ability to facilitate and accelerate the current mission of the NCFTA and assist in enabling a safer cyber future for the internet of things,” she added.

The new Board members are:

  • Roland Cloutier, Chief Security Officer      of ADP, LLC, one of the world’s largest providers of business outsourcing      solutions including payroll services, global tax management, and people      management technology solutions. Mr. Cloutier has a wealth of global      protection and security leadership experience, including the management of      strategic converged security and business protection programs. He has held      executive security management roles at consulting and managed security      service organizations and has experience in federal law enforcement. He is      a United States Air Force veteran.
  • Robert Griffin is the Vice President      of Industry Solutions IBM and CEO of i2 Group. With more than 35 years in      the software and services industry, Griffin is a business leader in public      safety, intelligence and counter fraud. He is an alumnus of the Naval      Postgraduate School Center for Homeland Defense and Security’s Executive      Leaders Program and a graduate of the NASDAQ Mindshare Entrepreneur      program. He is also a member of the Board of Directors for the      Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA), on the National      Advisory Board for InfraGard (a public-private non-profit       partnership between U.S. businesses and the FBI), and a member      of the White House Task Force on the trafficking of minors on the      Internet.
  • Holly Ridgeway is the Chief Information      Officer for the PNC Financial Services Group. In this role, Ridgeway leads      the company’s information security efforts with responsibility for PNC’s      overall information security assessment, testing, and vulnerability      programs. She also brings leadership experience in several IP and      cybersecurity roles for the federal government, most recently as the      Deputy Chief Information Officer for the Department of Justice. She is a      member of the AFCEA International Cyber Security Board.
  • Andrew Serwin, Partner in the Global      Privacy and Data Security Group at law firm Morrison & Foerster,      advises Fortune 500 and emerging companies on global privacy compliance      and technology transactions with a particular emphasis on incident      responses and data breaches, international compliance, health care, mobile      communications, behavioral advertising, information sharing,      cybersecurity, Electronic Communications Privacy Act, and wiretap issues. Serwin      also serves as the CEO and Executive Director of the Lares Institute, a      think tank focused on information management issues. He is also a member      of the advisory team of the Naval Postgraduate School Center for      Asymmetric Warfare and is an international advisory council member of APCO      Worldwide, a global communication and business strategy firm.