Mobius Logic wins Phase II Air Force SBIR contract

Mobius Logic, Inc. of Tysons, VA announced on May 31 that it has been awarded a Phase II SBIR contract to work with the Air Force 341 CONS squadron on modernizing and improving the contracting and acquisition process. Mobius Logic will collaborate with the contracting officers and specialists of the 341 CONS to introduce AI tools into the contracting process beginning at the solicitation phase and concluding with the post-award and project close-out activities. The goal of this contract is to create AI tools that will assist the contracting specialist in spotting protest-prone language in the solicitation to reduce overall protests submitted to GAO.

“The acquisition of mission essential supplies and services that have a direct impact on national security are often delayed due to contract disputes. Delays cannot be afforded in this era of peer-to-peer competition. To solve this problem, our data science experts will be working with the 341 CONS contract specialists to modify and enhance our commercial product, MAKANA, and create a CO AI assistant to help contracting officers write better solicitations and reduce contract protests,” said Jumana Misleh, program manager at Mobius Logic.

This tool will (1) eliminate the use of the wrong clauses and contractual language in solicitations thus decreasing the probability of a protest and (2) reduce the number of overall contract protests submitted to the GAO. With over 90 contracting squadrons, 58,000 contracts, and 4.7 million documents, spread out across 8 MAJCOMs, 215 offices, and a $50B+ global contract portfolio, Mobius Logic, Inc. anticipates significant interest from other contracting squadrons in solving this problem.

“Delays from contract protests impede the acquisition of mission-critical supplies. Mobius Logic’s AI Assistant for Contracting Officers will help prevent contract protests and streamline the USAF contracting process, as well as improve contracting across the DOD and greater federal government by automatically flagging high-risk clauses in solicitations and empowering contracting officers to mitigate the protest-triggering issue before the solicitation goes out, “ said Alexander D. Luttrell, SSgt, USAF, Contract Specialist, Deputy Director of Innovation, Wing1Werx at the 341st Contracting Squadron.

Source: Mobius Logic

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