Microsemi introduces its highest capacity SLC-based secure solid state drive for mission critical applications

Microsemi 112Microsemi Corporation, an Aliso Viejo, CA-based provider of semiconductor solutions differentiated by power, security, reliability and performance, announced on July 16 its highest security and capacity serial advanced technology attachment (SATA) solid state drive (SSD) for defense, intelligence, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)  and other defense-related network area storage (NAS) applications. As increased use of high resolution sensors is changing the way data is stored, higher density SSDs are needed. Microsemi is addressing this market need by leveraging the company’s miniaturization technology in a compact 2.5-inch, 9.5mm form factor.

Microsemi’s new MSD01TAM3R TRRUST-STOR® 1 terabyte (TB) SSD is designed and built for extreme reliability and data security applications. The device’s reliability is further enhanced with long life single-level cell (SLC) flash and advanced error correction code. By utilizing Microsemi’s Armor memory processor technology the company also enables long-term availability to its customers.

“This technology allows customers to upgrade or design new highly secure NAS systems in an extremely compact solution,” said BJ Heggli, general manager for Microsemi’s memory and storage business. “Microsemi’s secure 1TB SSD is a leading-edge solution for high capacity secure NAS solutions that allows our team to further support our customers’ increased security needs, while catering to their small form factor requirements.”

The TRRUST-STOR best-in-class self-encrypting drive (SED) offers the most powerful and flexible key management methods and advanced security features powered by Microsemi’s Armor processor technology. For sensitive applications, the encryption key can be erased in less than 30 milliseconds (ms), and a second security layer can be activated to erase the entire storage media in less than 10 seconds, rendering data forensically unrecoverable.

“Microsemi’s 1TB self-encrypting SSD provides systems and security engineers with a single solution addressing the most demanding data reliability and protection requirements,” said Charlie Leader, vice president and general manager for Microsemi’s Power & Microelectronics Group. “We are committed to designing and delivering industry-leading highly rugged, miniaturized and secure storage systems where data protection is mission critical.”

Source: Microsemi Corporation