Michael Morell, former No. 2 at CIA, testifies again on Benghazi, Libya


Michael Morell
Michael Morell at
House Intelligence
Committee hearing

Former Deputy Director of the CIA Michael Morell appeared before the House Intelligence Committee in open session on April 2 to discuss yet again the terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya. Morell had appeared three previous times in front of congressional committees on the same topic, but each of those appearances were closed to the public.

“Before beginning,” said Morell, in his prepared testimony, “let me emphasize again: there is no truth to the allegations that the CIA or I ‘cooked the books’ with regard to what happened in Benghazi and then tried to cover this up after the fact. Indeed, the facts show that the CIA and I faithfully performed our duties in accordance with the highest standards of objectivity and nonpartisanship. And, any allegation or insinuation to the contrary is just plain wrong.

To watch the congressional hearing, click here.