MetTel leads AI-based cybersecurity partnership

New York, MY-based MetTel announced on February 18 a joint development program with Cybraics, a unique AI-directed security platform, to validate and refine powerful new AI-enhanced security capabilities for MetTel customers. Development will be coordinated through MetTel’s Customer Innovation Labs.

Both MetTel and Cybraics have a strategic business relationship with Raytheon. Cybraics’ nLighten technology provides Raytheon’s Managed Security Operations Center (MSOC) with advanced threat detection employing artificial intelligence, machine learning and over 40 advanced analytics to detect, correlate, identify and manage the root cause threats, weeding out the noise normally associated with legacy threat detection applications. MetTel Innovation Labs’ research collaboration with Cybraics will include working with Raytheon and select MetTel customers to begin a proof of concept process for both Cybraics and MetTel technologies.

“With cybercrime an ever-growing concern for all of our customers and the rate and sophistication of intrusions accelerating, we see a tremendous need to leverage AI and automation to enhance security analysts’ focus with purposeful actionable insights,” said Ed Fox, CTO of MetTel. “MetTel Customer Innovation Labs’ relationship with Cybraics is aimed at developing capabilities that fundamentally change how our customers consume security services.”

While most cybersecurity tools use signature and rules-based learnings to detect existing threats, Cybraics’ nLighten employs advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning to analyze massive amounts of data to find even the most miniscule of potential threats as they’re developing. This enables customers to take proactive or near-real time action to defend their networks, and results in a platform that significantly reduces false positives and speeds detection and remediation, allowing analysts to focus on the threats that present the most potential risk to the customer.

“The strategic engagement between MetTel and Raytheon, powered by Cybraics, is the perfect solution to detect and remediate today’s advanced threats” said Jamie Dos Santos, CEO Cybraics Defense. “Using behavior based analytics, coupled with Raytheon’s 24/7 world class MSOC  allows customers to keep up with the fast pace of learning and continual new attack vectors coming from adversaries.”

MetTel’s global security alliance with Raytheon provides MetTel government customers with access to the Raytheon MSOC, offering 24/7 cybersecurity support to protect, detect and respond to today’s most challenging cyber threats.

Source: MetTel