ManTech launches its Advanced Cyber Range Environment

ManTech International Corporation of Herndon, VA announced on September 6 full operational capability of the company’s Advanced Cyber Range Environment, enabling customers to test and evaluate the cyber preparedness of their networks and to train users in the latest defensive cyber technologies for preventing cyberattacks.

“ManTech’s Advanced Cyber Range Environment offers strategic, best-in-class capabilities for our customers, providing the most innovative cybersecurity test, evaluation, and training infrastructure in the marketplace and allowing customers to rapidly improve all facets of their security posture,” said Kevin Phillips, ManTech president and chief operating officer. “This offering captures five years of development and support of leading-edge range environments. We anticipate strong demand from an array of customers eager to learn and apply ManTech’s industry-leading approach to preempting cyberattacks.”

Using ManTech’s Advanced Cyber Range Environment, customers benefit from military-grade cyber training, testing and evaluation capabilities on precise simulations of their own networks, putting their cybersecurity systems and personnel under “live fire” from real malware in a safe environment.

Tailored to the specific needs and concerns of the customer, the ManTech Advanced Cyber Range experts evaluate technical and personnel capabilities to pinpoint potential vulnerabilities. ManTech develops and executes live simulations of “cyber combat” to empower customers with the skills that ManTech has developed to defeat live malicious cyber events. ManTech has successfully supported response and remediation efforts for recent malware attacks at the Department of Homeland Security, the Defense Information Systems Agency, the Department of Justice, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

The Advanced Cyber Range Environment positions ManTech’s government and commercial customers to evolve on pace with emerging technologies that impact their missions, and to protect their networks and infrastructure against damage that might occur during enterprise-wide software upgrades, from new malware, threats to critical platforms, and evolving threats from new technologies (the Internet of Things).

Source: ManTech International