ManTech Cyber Solutions International’s technology fuels its expansion and growth in endpoint security market

ManTech 112ManTech Cyber Solutions International, Inc. (MCSI), a commercial subsidiary of Fairfax, VA-based ManTech International Corporation, announced on April 15 its official launch into the endpoint security software market. MCSI offers a comprehensive suite of products to help global companies thwart today’s advanced, targeted cyber threats originating from nation states, threat actors, and malicious insiders. MCSI’s products address the gap in today’s market currently filled with signature- and indicators of compromise (IOC)-based security products that are limited in their effectiveness and unable to defend against sophisticated advanced persistent threats.

MCSI’s newest product, Responder PRO, Linux Edition, captures physical memory from Linux servers and hosts, such as Red Hat Enterprise Linux or CentOS, enabling cyber security analysts to perform deep forensic analysis of malware artifacts in these memory images. Leveraging Digital DNATM, MCSI’s revolutionary memory analysis technology, Responder PRO reverse engineers all code in memory, examines it for potentially malicious capabilities, and uncovers critical artifacts for incident response, data compliance, and electronic discovery.

“MCSI has taken a fresh look at the cyber security market from the endpoint perspective and, while a lot of endpoint products have come to market, they have been looking through the rearview mirror when it comes to detecting malware,” said Raj Dodhiawala, MCSI senior vice president and general manager. “The right place to detect malware is in memory, and MCSI has solved this difficult problem with our patented Digital DNA technology that performs behavior-based analysis of physical memory to detect malicious processes.”

Responder PRO is different. While conventional products use malware signatures or IOCs, meaning the malware must have been previously detected for a signature or IOC to be created, Responder PRO examines the behavior of code executing in memory to detect malicious traits, thus enabling detection of zero-days, rootkits, and advanced persistent threats.

Dodhiawala further added, “With 200-plus customers and ManTech’s deep cyber security experience in the federal government, we deliver differentiated value and are poised for growth across all industries including banking, retail, oil and gas, telco, healthcare, and manufacturing.”

In addition to Responder PRO for Windows and Linux, MCSI’s portfolio includes award-winning Active DefenseTM, a scalable, enterprise-wide memory forensics and detection solution for new and evolving threats. Active Defense proactively scans processes in live physical memory for malicious behaviors using Digital DNA behavioral analysis to score traits that recognize breach indicators and identify new malware.

Digital DNA proactively identifies and analyzes the most advanced malware threats, including those used against global organizations to access and misappropriate intellectual property, business intelligence, customer records, and classified information. All software modules residing in physical memory are identified and ranked by threat severity so incident responders, at a glance, can determine quickly how to allocate their resources to mitigate the risk to their business environment.

Source: ManTech International Corporation