MacB’s Enlighten IT Consulting develops cyber learning engine to detect unknown threats

MacAulay-Brown, Inc. (MacB), of Dayton, OH, announced on June 21 that Enlighten IT Consulting(EITC), a MacB subsidiary, has developed a Cyber Learning Engine (CLE) trained to identify previously unknown threats to a network without human supervision. The new tool helps address the growing need for a faster and more flexible solution to handle both the volume and complexity of cyber data across the Department of Defense (DoD).

Enlighten’s CLE was developed based on a Deep Learning (DL) concept of using artificial neural networks to process data in layers. As more data is entered, the model’s conclusions about bad actors in the network become more accurate over time. For example, the new CLE progressed from a 75% probability of correctly identifying malicious content, up to 95% accuracy. Even more significant, it identified signs of a network breach, also known as Indicators of Compromise (IOC), not previously reported in any open or non-open source data and later identified as threats.

“Within the field of Artificial Intelligence, DL models that can search through terabytes of data and reach accurate conclusions without human intervention are essential for future success,” said Duane Shugars, Enlighten’s senior vice president and general manager. “I’m proud that our team has worked so hard to address these critical network challenges and produce a true production-ready CLE that will help protect DoD networks.”

Source: MacB