LookingGlass Cyber acquires AlphaWave

On June 22, Reston, VA-based LookingGlass Cyber Solutions announced the acquisition of AlphaWave, a cloud-native technology company based in Austin, TX that provides attack surface management.

The transaction complements LookingGlass’s existing cyber risk and attack surface management capabilities (scoutPRIME), in use across U.S. federal and state government since 2009, by enabling deeper attack surface visibility into cloud and container environments. The deal will also enable AlphaWave customers to access LookingGlass’s deep and broad threat intelligence capabilities and repositories, adding strategic value for customers as they face increasing cyber threats and attacks.

“AlphaWave’s cloud-native foundation enables them to clearly understand the nuances of managing one’s attack surface across the cloud and containers. This expertise is only going to become more critical as the private sector and government continue to undergo digital transformations and move to cloud-first strategies. We are excited to bring AlphaWave’s expertise and attack surface capabilities into the LookingGlass Suite as we deliver actionable threat intelligence enhanced with an adversary’s view and customized models of an adversary’s capabilities,” said Gilman Louie, CEO of LookingGlass. 

The LookingGlass Suite synthesizes vast amounts of global internet data with threat actor capabilities and motivations to provide a robust threat modeling environment and threat intelligence platform so organizations can quickly process, prioritize, and operationalize threat intelligence and indicators of compromise. The quantity and quality of data in the platform enables it to support multiple cybersecurity use cases. With LookingGlass’s threat intelligence overlaid on continuous attack surface assessments, including assessments of cloud and container environments that leverage AlphaWave’s core capabilities, organizations and enterprises will better understand their cyber risk and how to reduce it with proactive detection and mitigations.

“Teaming up with LookingGlass will enable AlphaWave to leverage expansive intelligence platforms, providing robust context to our customers and the environments we help them secure,” said Mark St. John, co-founder and COO, AlphaWave. “Combining our attack surface discovery approach with the LookingGlass Suite will benefit organizations looking to understand how they can better defend their digital assets on an ongoing basis.”

Source: LookingGlass