Lockheed Martin introduces Prepar3D v3

Lockheed logo 112Fly, walk, ride, or sail through any region around the world in a virtual environment with incredibly realistic detail. On September 30, Bethesda, MD-based Lockheed Martin launched Prepar3D® v3, allowing users to build or experience advanced simulation environments and tools that simplify development and augment the training experience.

Prepar3D v3 enhancements simplify training scenario creation by employing a SimDirector drag-and-drop technique. The user interface is also improved, with expanded gauge and panel training through Autodesk® Scaleform® support. A new avatar mode enables users to experience the simulated environment in the third or first person for increased realism and situational awareness.

Prepar3D continues to partner with hundreds of third party developers and partners in an active community that continuously enhances the software. Prepar3D v3 features memory and performance improvements to provide greater fidelity and increased realism. Users can now utilize next generation hardware to achieve a heightened experience that was never before possible.

From novice learners to military service members, Prepar3D provides a realistic training environment for critical mission readiness. First launched in 2010, Prepar3D is a full earth simulation platform through which users can create training scenarios anywhere in the virtual world – from underwater to suborbital space. It offers immersive, experiential learning for private pilots, commercial organizations, militaries, and academia.

Prepar3D exists at the core of many of Lockheed Martin’s complex flight simulators. In any industry where simulation is relevant, customers will realize benefits from this realistic training environment.

Source: Lockheed Martin