LMI wins contract with DARPA’s Strategic Technology Office

On March 11, Tysons, VA-based LMI announced the award of a contract with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Strategic Technology Office (STO), to support the LogX research and development (R&D) prototype program. The program focuses on discovering and responding to logistics network disruptions. DARPA’s LogX R&D program creates and demonstrates a new paradigm for logistics information awareness across the global logistics enterprise, enabling responsive and resilient operations. LMI has partnered with NTELX, the Florida Institute of Technology, Data Machines Corp., and Cougaar Software Inc. to develop and execute a test and evaluation (T&E) framework for the program.

As part of the program, risks of data disruptions to the global supply chain will be examined to uncover technologies that can find, prevent, mitigate, and recover from these disruptions. The program solicits technologies in two areas: mission-centered applications with context-centric situational awareness and foresight and cloud-based microservices for dynamic knowledge extraction, state estimation, and causal modeling.

LMI will lead the T&E team in defining, replicating, and exploring logistics information challenges to evaluate the prototypes’ success in understanding dynamic logistics networks. When creating the T&E framework, the team will develop the experimental data environment, create and integrate scenarios, and evaluate vendor technologies alongside DARPA STO.

In today’s rapidly changing world, LMI’s next-generation strategy integrates our core logistics domain experience with advanced analytics.

“We are excited to support the DARPA LogX program as it represents a key element of LMI’s next-generation logistics strategy, powered by advanced analytics. The research platform LogX, enabled by our holistic approach to logistics (HALO), addresses some of our nation’s most complex and urgent logistics priorities,” said Pete Pflugrath, vice president of LMI’s logistics service line.

Comprehensive, real-time situational awareness, future state prediction, and the resilience of the Department of Defense (DoD) global logistics enterprise are fundamental to mission success and survivability. This project will bring DoD closer to effectively realizing the benefits of software-defined networks, the internet of things, artificial intelligence, secure boundaryless collaboration, and smart data encryption. DARPA’s LogX R&D prototype program lays the groundwork for these emerging technologies and LMI’s T&E team will facilitate its success.

“The award of this DARPA LogX R&D program will enable us to continue delivering excellent service to our clients through unparalleled expertise in our advanced analytics and logistics service lines. We are committed to supporting our clients by offering the most forward-thinking solutions to their largest challenges,” said Robert Lech, vice president of LMI’s defense market.

Source: LMI