LMI promotes Kristen Cheman and Keith Rodgers

On March 14, Tysons, VA-based LMI announced Kristen Cheman’s transition from senior vice president (SVP), digital and analytic solutions, to SVP, intelligence market. In addition, Keith Rodgers has been promoted from vice president, advanced analytics & artificial intelligence, to SVP, digital and analytic solutions.

Cheman’s career at LMI spans nearly 14 years, marked by her progression through various top positions and her pivotal role in maturing LMI’s digital and analytic capabilities. She has established a reputation for her strong leadership acumen and her ability to drive impactful solutions across diverse domains and industries. Her exemplary contributions have been recognized globally, including being named a Franz Edelman Laureate in 2015 for her groundbreaking work on risk-based inventory management algorithms. WashingtonExec’s 2022 Pinnacle Award further acknowledged Cheman’s exceptional leadership and pioneering efforts, honoring her as the Artificial Intelligence Industry Executive of the Year for Private Companies.

Cheman will harness cutting-edge edge technologies in digital and analytics to tackle the challenges encountered in the intelligence market, steering innovative initiatives and seizing strategic opportunities with precision and impact, LMI said.

“Kristen’s rich experience will translate into effective solution development for our current and future intelligence customers,” said Doug Wagoner, CEO of LMI. “She will lead us on the path of innovation to advance LMI’s critically important support to the intelligence market.”

Rodgers’ journey with LMI began three and a half years ago, leveraging his background in establishing advanced analytic ecosystems and addressing critical societal issues. His notable achievements include curating the largest collection of opioid-related data globally for a Health and Human Services–sponsored hackathon, leveraging crowdsourcing to combat human trafficking, spearheading advanced machine learning techniques to establish a national advanced manufacturing network for the White House, and securing victory in the Cancer XPrize competition. Throughout his tenure at LMI, Rodgers has consistently curated world-class teams and anticipated industry transformations, such as generative artificial intelligence (GenAI), to tackle our nation’s most pressing challenges.

As the SVP of digital and analytic solutions, Rodgers is poised to harness innovative technologies and deep industry knowledge, collaborating closely with customers to craft bespoke strategies that drive tangible value in today’s ever-evolving business landscape, according to LMI.

“Keith’s drive to operationalize novel and innovative solutions for complex business problems, combined with his deep commitment to leadership, will ensure the continued growth of digital and analytic solutions,” Wagoner said.

Source: LMI

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