Lexalytics launches pain-free text mining customization

Lexalytics After the acquisition of Sementria this summer, one of Lexalytics’ main goals has been to expand internationally by offering more languages and regulatory compliant processing.

As part of the focus in growing international markets, Lexalytics has added text analytics and sentiment analysis in Japanese, Arabic, Malay and Russian to the Semantria SaaS text-mining platform. This brings the total available language count to 12 including: English, French, German, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Korean.

Lexalytics’ international expansion into Europe continues by adding servers that run on European soil. This ensures compliance with the forthcoming changes in EU privacy laws by not passing any data back to the US, allowing companies based in the EU to comfortably access Semantria’s cloud-based text analytics services.

Seth Redmore, VP Marketing, Lexalytics, said, “By combining secure access, pan-European language support, an EU data center, and our policy of never storing any customer content, the Semantria SaaS text mining system provides an excellent solution for European customers who want the best possible text mining for their media monitoring or customer experience management systems.”

To kick things off, Lexalytics helped sponsor the 2014 Enterprise Hackathon in Prague. All participants of the Hackathon were granted unlimited access and support to the Semantria API during the event. Nearly every team tried Semantria during the 36 hours they had to build a program that could crunch enough data to be used at the enterprise level. Redmore said, “We love innovative, quick development events, and are always looking for good events to support. Please contact us if you have a hackathon where you can use the power of our text mining solutions, and we’ll talk about hooking you up!”

Redmore continued, “While we’re on the topic of quick and innovative… The two most common customizations for any text analytics system are categorization and sentiment. Everybody wants to have their categories match their business, and sentiment can be very industry specific. Lexalytics’ new Semantria Web Configurator enables our customers to rapidly get the exact results that match their business needs. With cool functionality like phrase suggestions and category verification, ‘just right’ is just a few clicks away.”

Available to all Semantria users on Nov. 7th 2014, the Semantria Web Configurator is a free web-based tool for category and sentiment customization of Lexalytics’ Semantria SaaS and Excel text-mining platform.