Leidos partners with Sourcegraph

On February 8, Leidos and Sourcegraph, a leading code intelligence platform, announced an exclusive alliance to introduce secure, generative AI-enabled software development tools to government customers.

Sourcegraph has spent the last ten years building its code graph, which powers Cody, the AI coding assistant for writing, fixing, and maintaining code, and Code Search, which helps developers explore their entire codebase and make large-scale migrations and security fixes. In seconds, developers can use these tools to answer technical questions, correct code, generate new code blocks, and more—no matter the code host, preferred large language model (LLM), or scale of the codebase.

Leidos rapidly delivers secure software across the federal government for missions ranging from military command and control to air traffic control systems; and including critical advances in machine learning algorithms, natural language processing, computer vision and predictive analytics. Through this new alliance, Leidos and Sourcegraph plan to leverage generative AI to provide new capabilities across many markets, even for the most sensitive customer missions.

“Leidos is committed to providing our customers with trusted mission AI tools that help them prepare for success in an increasingly complex and dynamic world,” said Roy Stevens, Leidos national security sector president. “By creating this alliance with Sourcegraph, we are enhancing our capabilities with a context-aware code platform, that empowers Leidos and its customer developers to deliver purpose-built, mission software faster and more securely.”

“Leidos and Sourcegraph both understand the potential for AI in software development for the companies that embrace it early on, especially in the government sector,” said Quinn Slack, CEO and co-founder of Sourcegraph. “Leidos’ deep software, AI, and market expertise, paired with Cody’s flexibility and powerful understanding of the codebase, means even the largest, most sophisticated organizations can harness the power of AI coding assistants to seamlessly navigate complex codebases, identify vulnerabilities, and support the highest standards of code integrity and security.”

Source: Leidos

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