Kratos launches SigX Protect

SigX 112Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc., a San Diego, CA-based National Security Solutions provider, announced on March 5 that its SAT Corporation (SAT) subsidiary released SigX Protect, a patent-pending radio frequency (RF) signal protection product that can be configured to automatically cancel interference in real time with no human intervention. Now, operators can eliminate signal interference, thereby improving customer service quality, protecting revenue and assuring mission goals.

SigX Protect works by automatically detecting and characterizing interfering signals by phase, amplitude and frequency. It then creates a cancelling signal to remove the interference and preserve the integrity of the protected link. SigX Protect employs a technique called blind separation that requires equipment only on the receiving end of the communications path and allows SigX Protect to characterize and cancel an interfering signal with no prior knowledge of the source or location of the interference. SigX Protect is installed directly in the communications chain to reduce any potential delay or latency in the communications signal.

According to Bob Potter, CTO at SAT Corporation, “Sig-X Protect dramatically reduces vulnerability to RF Interference. The system provides greater than 25dB of cancellation, and signals can be protected even when the interferer is operating at a power greater than the protected signal. For service providers, satellite operators and broadcasters alike, the ability to quickly cancel interference without the cooperation of the interfering party will help assure Quality of Service (QoS), interference-free communications and time-sensitive delivery of critical communications.”

Until SigX Protect, satellite operators and communications providers were largely limited to solutions to monitor, detect and locate interference; however, actually cancelling the interference usually required contacting the interferer for assistance—if known and if cooperative. Expensive, controlled technologies such as frequency hopping waveforms and advanced channelizers on the satellite have been available for government and defense applications, but these come with significant cost and operational complexity. In contrast, SigX Protect works with all existing and new satellites, incurs no added bandwidth costs and provides dedicated protection with no impact on operations.

SAT, a Kratos Company, has the most comprehensive and best-selling line of RF interference (RFI) mitigation products on the market, including Monics®,the industry-leading carrier monitoring solution, and satID®, the most accurate interference geolocation product. Now SigX Protect brings real-time interference cancellation to SAT’s RFI mitigation portfolio.

Source: Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc