KEYW announces award of $152 million prime contract to provide cyber training

KeyW 112The KEYW Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Hanover, MD-based The KEYW Holding Corporation, announced on April 5 that it has received a prime contract to provide advanced cyber training content development, delivery, and training infrastructure to a U.S.-based customer.  The infrastructure will be based on KEYW’s Ginkgo Cyber Learning Management Environment (C-LME).  The single-award contract has a total ceiling value of $152 million over five years.

“We are honored to be selected by this customer to provide an advanced cyber training solution that serves the customer’s end-to-end training mission requirements,” commented Bill Weber, CEO and President of KEYW Corporation. “KEYW’s innovative Ginkgo cyber learning management product and strong tradition of delivering high-quality cyber training programs were key elements in this award which further builds on our reputation as a leader in advanced cyber training.”

KEYW’s Ginkgo Cyber Learning Management Environment is a unique learning environment that combines traditional learning management (testing, content objects, grading, etc.) with new cyber training-specific functionality. Using Ginkgo, student progress is tracked and aligned with course-specific learning objectives, allowing the customer to have real-time insight into student performance. The Ginkgo ecosystem includes proprietary modules that enable it to work with the organization’s IT infrastructure to schedule and deploy virtual resources for classroom scenarios and evaluations. It also facilitates the autograding of complex interactions on these virtualized systems and networks, automating the process of evaluating a student’s hands-on performance and including it as a gradable object.

Source: KEYW