John Mark Suhy tapped as Greystones CTO

On February 13, Washington, DC-based Greystones Group announced John Mark Suhy as chief technology officer (CTO). He joined Greystones in 2022 and has since launched multiple efforts with the company to lean into artificial intelligence and machine learning solutions for leading government agencies.

Suhy is a recognized expert in the application of graph databases, knowledge graphs and graph model in AI/ML. He authored the Government Edition of Neo4j. He is an accomplished and esteemed solutions architect with experience leading large-scale pioneering platform projects for federal agencies and the Intelligence Community to include the National Security Agency, Sandia National Laboratories, U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of Treasury, U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

An avid proponent of open-source graph software, Suhy co-founded the ONgDB fork of Neo4j Enterprise after Neo4j, Inc. closed-sourced the Neo4j Enterprise Edition. The ONgDB launch allowed the government to continue use of the open source graph model. Suhy was a major contributor to ONgDB at its inception and served as a Senior Advisor for the Graph Foundation, which maintains and controls governance for the ONgDB project.

“John Mark and I met through mutual commercial industry colleagues and have worked together on Federal projects over the past 15 years. His technical vision and understanding of the complexities of government technology environments is unparalleled. He has a passion for technology that fits well with our mission critical programs. I am excited to have him join the team,” said Sheila Duffy, Greystones Group CEO.

Suhy is currently focusing his extensive AI/ML and NLP experience to further expand Greystones’ Data Analytics and Zero Trust capabilities. “I’m thrilled to be joining forces with such high caliber talent and a lean and agile infrastructure. It doesn’t hurt that some of my best memories are from growing up on Navy bases, and I’m glad to be getting back to my roots in support of the Department of Defense,” Suhy said.

Suhy’s early work includes solutioning the first end-to-end open-source anti-money laundering reporting system for the Republic of Haiti’s Financial Intelligence Unit, a program sponsored by U.S. Treasury, Department of State and DEA. The solution leveraged open-source technologies and led to substantial cost reductions compared to the legacy proprietary system.

Source: Greystones

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