IST Research wins $48.3M US Army contract

IST Research, based in Fredericksburg, VA, announced on August 23 that the company has been awarded a $48.3 million, 5-year contract by the Department of the Army to purchase IST Research’s Pulse Platform; services IST Research provides in support of the platform; and future research, development, and engineering by IST Research associated with advancing the platform.

IST Research has delivered 105% revenue growth over the past 3 years, has been selected as one of the best companies to work for in the nation in 2017, and has seen its corporate operations expand into 25 countries around the globe.

“It is very exciting to see a concept, that emerged after my friend and business partner Todd Huffman and I stood on the streets of Jalalabad, Afghanistan in 2010, asking ourselves how to engage richly with the people of the world, materialize into this level of achievement,” said Ryan Paterson, CEO of IST Research.  “There have been enormous technical and business hurdles along the way, but we stayed true to our vision of a decade ago. IST Research is now perfectly placed to make an extraordinary impact on all areas within the information environment.

Pulse combines social listening, content discovery across the surface, deep, and dark web, and direct population engagement with fragile and hard-to reach-populations—all on a single technology platform. Pulse is flexible and applicable to problem sets across the industry, including security, humanitarian assistance, research, marketing, and risk assessment.  IST Research subject matter experts combine this proven technology with specific communications techniques to create a unique capability that is deployed operationally around the globe.

“I’m extremely proud of—and impressed with—what IST Research has accomplished in these past few months,” said Todd Huffman, CEO of 3Scan and IST board member.  “This nearly $50 million contract is proof that the company is on the precipice of becoming one of the most highly sought after ‘technology and techniques’ providers empowering insight into the information environment.”

Board membere Peter Marino said, “There are a myriad of companies chasing the information operations challenge, but nobody else combines the real-world experience of operating in tough environments with the cutting-edge technology and rapid prototyping capabilities of IST. This contract is tremendous validation of those characteristics.”

Source: IST Research