IronNet joins Space Information Sharing and Analysis Center

On October 20, McLean, VA-based IronNet, Inc. announced that it was named the newest Gold member of the Space Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC). Space ISAC members lead the global space community to identify and respond to threats and mitigating risks to the space mission.

“Space is the next frontier with many unknowns and potential threats, including cybersecurity risks. That’s why the Space ISAC is focused on building a strong foundation of cybersecurity from a knowledge pool with deep security expertise,” said Erin Miller, executive director, Space ISAC. “IronNet expands on this expertise with its elite team of threat hunters and unique Collective Defense platform. As the newest member of the Space ISAC, IronNet offers a clear value to our membership and the space industry.”

With high volumes of sensitive data and intellectual property coursing through a vast supply chain, the space development industry faces accelerated cyber risk. The IronNet Collective DefenseSM platform provides detection of new and unidentified cyberattack behaviors and a secure environment for real-time collaboration based on actionable attack intelligence.

“IronNet is on a mission of Collective Defense spanning public and private industry globally and beyond. Within the space community, IronNet works to protect intellectual property, Security Operation Centers, and critical infrastructure essential to critical missions and exploration,” said General (Ret.) Keith Alexander, CEO of IronNet. “Every day, IronNet’s cyber solutions leverage advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to proactively defend our Collective Defense communities, their personnel, and customers. We are proud to join the Space ISAC as the next step in this important work.”

The IronNet Collective Defense platform, powered by AWS, is the only solution that can identify anomalous behaviors and deliver actionable attack intelligence to all the other participants in the IronNet community. The Collective Defense platform serves as an early warning system for all participating companies and organizations, strengthening network security through correlated alerts, automated triage, and extended hunt support.

IronNet also recently launched IronRadar, a new solution designed to proactively and automatically update customers’ cybersecurity tools with malicious indicators for adversary infrastructure. IronRadar uses an innovative process that fingerprints a server and determines whether it is a command and control (C2) server while those servers are being stood up, even before a cyber attack is initiated.

Source: IronNet

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