Intelligent Artifacts wins USAF SBIR award

New York, NY-based Intelligent Artifacts announced on January 20 that it has been selected for a Phase I SBIR contract award by the US Air Force to conduct R&D on a sensor fusion solution to help the AF meet critical Command and Control, Battle Management, and Communications (C2BMC) mission requirements across multiple domains.

“Lags in data acquisition, fusion, analytics, and distribution can disrupt decision-making processes and ultimately lead to fratricide, loss of target, and civilian casualties.” said Mark Mackowiak,  Intelligent Artifacts’ COO and SBIR lead. “There is a need for our explainable, ‘pattern of life’ real-time learning AI solution to provide direct system feedback for better battlespace management and improved tactical decision-making.”

Intelligent Artifacts’ overall goal for Phase I is to articulate our autonomous information processing capabilities and illustrate how our software solution can be leveraged within the commandONE application layer architecture to benefit C2BMC mission requirements.

“Our fully explainable and interpretable AI software solution provides trustworthy, real-time predictions so that decision makers both in and outside of the battlespace are working with immediate actionable information presented in a user-friendly format,” said Intelligent Artifacts’ founder and CTO Sevak Avakians.

Source: Intelligent Artifacts