Intelligence Community launches new careers website

ODNI seal 112On March 30, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence released the following notice:

The U.S. Intelligence Community has launched a new website designed to educate job seekers on the wide variety of careers available within the IC. offers comprehensive educational content, videos and interactive tools to help job seekers understand where they could fit in the IC.

The IC is a coalition of 17 agencies and organizations that work both independently and collaboratively to gather and analyze intelligence. Agencies specialize in different types of intelligence, such as signals intelligence, imagery intelligence, human source intelligence or geospatial intelligence.

Since competition for talent in science, technology, engineering and mathematics is getting more intense every year, the site provides STEM professionals with a unique look into how their professions advance the intelligence mission. Also highlighted are careers in foreign language, intelligence analysis and related analytical work. Students and professionals in other fields, such as business, human resources and law enforcement, will learn that the IC has important positions for them as well. also offers a set of interactive tools to help visitors understand how their skills can lead to a career in intelligence. The job exploration tool customizes career recommendations by matching education, skills and professional abilities with IC career areas. The student programs search page helps college and high school students identify internships and other student opportunities based on educational level and professional interest. Additional content includes the application process, security clearances and descriptions of the many benefits of government service.

The site launch is part of a larger effort to bring greater levels of efficiency to IC hiring practices, which also includes automated backend systems that will help recruiters identify highly qualified candidates more quickly and accurately than ever before.

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Source: ODNI