INSCOM releases 2021 technology RFI

On July 29, the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) released its 2021 technology request for information (RFI). Submissions are due on September 15 by 11:59 p.m. Eastern, and early submissions are encouraged.

This is an RFI seeking White Papers only for innovative technologies that accelerate attainment of critical technologies.  In this context, innovative means any new technology, process, or business practice, or any new application of an existing technology, process, or business practice that contributes to enhancing of INSCOM’s military effectiveness and sustaining global peace and U.S. national security. Responses to this notice will be used by the Government to make appropriate acquisition decisions.

Stakeholders will determine if a future solicitation will be issued based on responses to the RFI, funding, and the needs of the agency. All interested sources must respond to any future solicitation announcements separately from responses to this request for the submission of White Papers.

Mission Overview

INSCOM executes mission command of operational intelligence and security forces; conducts, synchronizes, and integrates worldwide multi-discipline and all-source intelligence and security operations; and delivers linguist support and intelligence related advanced skills training, acquisition support, logistics, communications and other specialized capabilities in support of Army, Joint, and Coalition commands and the U.S. Intelligence Community. To meet these challenges, INSCOM utilizes Other Transaction Authority (OTA) to partner with nontraditional and traditional defense contractors and nonprofit research institutions to carry out prototype projects that are directly relevant to enhancing mission effectiveness of military personnel and the supporting platforms, systems, components, or materials use by INSCOM.  To the maximum extent practicable, competitive procedures are used when entering into agreements to carry out these prototype projects.

 Focus Areas

INSCOM has identified areas for which it is requesting White Papers from Industry on mature Commercial Off‐The‐Shelf (COTS) solutions relevant to the following Focus Areas and requirements:

  • Cloud Computing
  • Analytics
  • Sensors / Processing, Exploitation and Dissemination (PED).
  • Mission Command
  • Training
  • Communications

Review the full INSCOM 2021 technology RFI.

Source: SAM