Immersive Wisdom demos ultra-low bandwidth comms capability for DoD

On July 1, Immersive Wisdom, Inc., provider of a proven TRL-9 distributed communications and ops center software platform for Denied, Degraded, Intermittent, and Limited-Bandwidth (DDIL) environments, announced a milestone achievement for its No-Bandwidth and Low-Bandwidth communications software at a Department of Defense exercise.

Immersive Wisdom’s ready-now software for disaggregated communications in contested environments provided end-user warfighters with resilient live communications and collaboration capabilities at severely constrained bandwidths (Five to Fifty Kilobits per second per user) on SIPRNet, across multiple distant geographic locations.

“Immersive Wisdom was able to sustain operations for the warfighter using levels of bandwidth available to modems in the 1990s.” said Michael Appelbaum, CEO of Immersive Wisdom. “We have proven our TRL-9 software as a critical need for some of the most challenging distributed operations scenarios.”

Source: Immersive Wisdom

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