Immersive Wisdom establishes SIPRNet quick response link

On July 8, Immersive Wisdom, Inc., provider of a TRL-9 distributed communications and ops center software platform for denied, degraded, intermittent, and limited-bandwidth (DDIL) environments, announced that it has provided a real-time, quick response link between two military branches on SIPRNet in a milestone for Indo-Pacific joint collaboration and command and control.

Immersive Wisdom’s ready-now software for disaggregated communications in contested environments provides end-user warfighters across multiple military services with resilient live communications and collaboration capabilities at severely constrained bandwidths on SIPRNet, across multiple geographic locations.

“By simply installing our software and joining an Immersive Wisdom room, two distinct military branches were able to see what the other sees in real-time and share their own information into the 3D collaborative space,” said Michael Appelbaum, CEO of Immersive Wisdom. “Without our software, each organization did not have ready technical access to the information from the other, even though they could theoretically have from a policy perspective.”

Source: Immersive Wisdom

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