Illumio unveils new zero trust segmentation capabilities

On April 18, Sunnyvale, CA-based Illumio, Inc. announced several new AI and automation features to its ZTS Platform, including auto-labeling, making it easier and faster for organizations to secure hybrid environments and simplify their journey to Zero Trust.

The new AI-powered labeling engine provides customers with instant visibility of assets in data center and cloud environments and speeds up the adoption of Zero Trust Segmentation. This engine accelerates deployment to respond faster to new applications and services and enables the flexibility to easily automate labeling in hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Organizations can use Illumio’s automated labeling to start segmenting their environments immediately by streamlining policy management and reducing manual input. The AI-powered engine also reduces configuration errors and ensures security compliance with consistent and continuous classification of workloads.

Illumio continues to democratize Zero Trust Segmentation by making it simpler and quicker to deploy at scale. Illumio’s rules-based engine and AI capabilities enable organizations to easily label workloads and roll out security policies faster. Cloud workloads are also now labeled automatically by analyzing network traffic, flow logs and workload metadata.

Zero Trust has become the default strategy for building cyber resilience with organizations such as the National Security Agency (NSA) advocating for Zero Trust and microsegmentation. Yet, despite widespread awareness, research shows that less than half of IT and security decision-makers have deployed microsegmentation across both on-prem and cloud environments, and 95% agree they need better security that can scale with the speed of modern business.

With this release, Illumio now offers the most complete Zero Trust Segmentation Platform to help organizations easily see and contain threats in the cloud, data center, and endpoints, according to the company.

“Cybersecurity teams have never been under greater pressure and need a simple and scalable way to build resilience fast. We aim to make Zero Trust Segmentation more intuitive and effective, providing peace of mind in an increasingly complex and evolving digital landscape,” said Mario Espinoza, chief product officer at Illumio. “Our latest innovations not only reduce the complexity of labeling hybrid and multi-cloud environments, but also helps alleviate skill gaps by using AI and machine learning to deliver predictable, user-friendly, and intelligent assistance on the path to Zero Trust.”

Source: Illumio

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