ICS-ISAC and ThreatStream announce strategic partnership

ICS-ISAC 112ThreatStream, a Redwood City, CA-based vendor who provides a threat intelligence platform that prioritizes threats and facilitates trusted threat sharing, announced on January 22 that it has executed a partnership agreement with the Industrial Control System Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ICS-ISAC) that would enable its members to use the ThreatStream platform. The ICS-ISAC is a non-profit Knowledge Sharing Center established to help facilities develop situational awareness in support of local, national and international security.

ThreatStream will provide access to its SaaS based platform, which will allow the member organizations to collaborate and exchange cyber threat information more quickly and effectively. In addition to leveraging community vetting and analysis, the platform also enables direct integration into an organization’s existing security infrastructure. This feature will reduce the time and effort it takes to respond to emerging threats against ICS infrastructure, the firm said.

“We are pleased to introduce the ThreatStream platform to our members. Our core mission is creating collective defense through information sharing. By leveraging the ThreatStream analytics and collaboration capabilities, our member organizations can immediately develop and benefit from shared intelligence. We believe this will further enhance the value our community receives from its memberships and also augment our strategy of sharing to mitigate the threats to Industrial Control Systems domestically as well as worldwide,” noted Chris Blask, chair of the ICS-ISAC. “We see a great opportunity to automate intelligence sharing to collectively strengthen the defenses of global organizations that are increasingly being targeted.”

“We are excited about working with the ICS-ISAC and the opportunity to enhance the communities’ collective ability to take action on the threats they face,” stated Hugh Njemanze, CEO of ThreatStream.

SOURCE ThreatStream