IARPA working on Nail to Nail, Odin R&D programs

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) is collaborating on several projects and programs with industry. Here are a few current highlights.

The Nail to Nail Prize Challenge registration closed on March 17, receiving many plans to develop novel solutions enhancing fingerprint collection technology. The challenge is focused on automating collection of rolled-equivalent fingerprint data to expedite biometric processing.

The challenge will consist of two separate data collection events, gathering “gold standard” rolled fingerprints, corresponding latent prints, and other corresponding data from various devices. The data is expected to be releasable to the research community to advance R&D in traditional and latent fingerprint recognition. For more details, please visit the challenge website.

The four-year Odin program kicked off earlier this month with a two-day event held in the Washington, D.C. area and attended by Odin performers, program management and T&E team, and government stakeholders and representatives. At the event, performers presented their selected research approaches aimed at enhancing Presentation Attack, commonly referred to as spoofing, Detection technology for face, finger and iris biometric modalities.

Solutions include incorporating a mix of optical, structural and physiological cues to detect Biometric Presentation Attacks. Performers were selected through a competitive broad agency announcement. The four teams are led by Michigan State University, Cross Match Technologies, Inc., University of Southern California Information Sciences Institute and SRI International.

Source: IARPA