IARPA releases 2016 year in review

iarpa-2The 2016 Year in Review features some of IARPA’s achievements in science and technology during the last year, including world records in quantum computing, and new research programs in biosecurity, chemical sensors, underwater autonomy, biometrics, video analysis, and machine translation. Hundreds of news stories were written about IARPA’s most significant initiatives, and reporters used traditional and social media to help the world explore IARPA’s support to the intelligence community.
Broad Agency Announcements solicit research proposals for specific programs. IARPA recently released the Virtuous User Environment BAA. The goal of the VirtUE program is to create and demonstrate a more secure interactive user computing environment by leveraging the federal government’s impending migration to commercial cloud based information technology infrastructures and the current explosion of new virtualization and operating system concepts. Proposals are due December 12, 2016.

In addition to research programs, IARPA issues requests for information and planning purposes; RFI’s do not constitute a formal solicitation for proposals. The most recent RFI, DNAtoFace, will assist IARPA with investigating the use of genetic DNA phenotyping to provide investigative or intelligence leads for identifying an unknown person by providing a possible face structure and appearance of the unknown person. Responses to the DNAtoFace RFI are due December 16, 2016.

IARPA also provides an opportunity to submit proposals not aligned with current programs, based on new ideas from the research community.