IARPA announces new research programs

iarpa-112IARPA provides the U.S. Intelligence Community with capabilities to tackle its toughest technical challenges. The agency recently updated its list of research programs.

Broad Agency Announcements solicit research proposals for specific programs. IARPA recently released the Virtuous User Environment (VirtUE) BAA. The goal of the VirtUE program is to create and demonstrate a more secure interactive user computing environment by leveraging the federal government’s impending migration to commercial cloud based information technology infrastructures and the current explosion of new virtualization and operating system concepts. Proposals are due December 12, 2016.

In addition to research programs, IARPA issues challenges to stimulate breakthroughs in science and technology while also supporting the White House’s Strategy for American Innovation. On October 13, a pre-challenge online WebEx event was held to provide information in anticipation of the Nail to Nail (N2N) Fingerprint Challenge. This challenge will seek a new approach to capturing a full fingerprint.

IARPA also provides an opportunity to submit proposals not aligned with current programs, based on new ideas from the research community.

Source: IARPA