IARPA announces Geopolitical Forecasting Challenge 2 winners

From maintaining global security to predicting economic trends to directing humanitarian efforts, the science of forecasting geopolitical events leads to greater strategic advantages.

The Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA) launched the Geopolitical Forecasting Challenge 2 (GF Challenge 2) last May with the goal of furthering the science of forecasting, and recently revealed the award-winners from the months-long Challenge.

The Challenge encouraged contestants from academia and industry to develop innovative solutions and methods for integrating crowdsourced information into accurate, timely forecasts for global issues concerning intelligence and national security. See the full list of winners on the official GF Challenge 2 website.

Overall Winners

1st: cassandre

2nd: datscilly

3rd: michalbod

4th: Ckar

5th: EagleWings


Source: IARPA