Hughes demos new modem interface for military leaders

Hughes Network Systems, LLC of Germantown, MD announced on December 17 the successful demonstration of advanced hardware technology that facilitates interoperability between different SATCOM systems and services. Witnessed by leaders from the Department of Defense, the new capability reinforces the company’s commitment to deliver highly secure and robust communications solutions that overcome intentional or environmental interference through improved resiliency. The terminal solution features a software agent with a first-of-its-kind autonomous selection of modem, satellite and service provider.

“Today’s presentation demonstrates the strong partnership between the military and the commercial satellite sector— in this case, represented by Hughes, as we collectively work to build a better SATCOM infrastructure,” said Dr. Rajeev Gopal, senior technical director of advanced systems at Hughes. “The benefits of this new technology will allow the DoD to fully leverage commercial HTS and future LEO and MEO networks in addition to their own satellites to deliver uninterrupted communications, especially in contested environments.”

The Flexible Modem Interface (FMI) presentation, hosted at Hughes headquarters in Germantown, Maryland, exhibited the hardware and enterprise management solution prototype developed by Hughes as part of a pilot study program exploring new interoperable SATCOM capabilities for future military systems.

“Advances in commercial satellite technology are positively transforming military communications,” said Rick Lober, vice president and general manager of defense and intelligence systems at Hughes. “The solution we presented gives a glimpse into the future—a flexible and resilient SATCOM architecture that will result in higher mission assurance.”

Source: Hughes