Hitachi Vantara Federal joins IBIA

On March 27, Reston, VA-based Hitachi Vantara Federal announced its new membership in the International Biometrics + Identity Association (IBIA) in the technology and solutions providers category. Responsible for advancing the adoption and ethical use of technology-based identification solutions, IBIA promotes the utilization of biometrics and identity management technologies to enhance security, privacy, productivity, and convenience.

Hitachi Vantara Federal brings over 20 years of research and tailored solutions to the association, including its finger vein scanner and integrated smart space video technology and intelligence. This further enhances the security of biometric data to ensure maximum privacy, fit to meet stringent security demands of federal agencies, banking institutions, healthcare sectors, and more.

As the leading voice for the biometrics and identity technology industry, IBIA and its members participate in a wide range of activities including educational initiatives to raise awareness of the benefits of biometric solutions across diverse groups and audiences as well as advocacy efforts before regulatory bodies, policymakers, and legislators. These efforts promote responsible technology adoption and provide members the latest industry intelligence including insights into emerging technological developments and innovations within this dynamic field.

“We’re excited to join IBIA,” said Gary Hix, chief technology officer at Hitachi Vantara Federal. “Our journey in this field has been driven by a relentless pursuit of ethical innovation. Joining IBIA amplifies our commitment to shaping a future where security and integrity are paramount in every interaction and we’re looking forward to what we’ll accomplish together.”

“We’re delighted to count Hitachi Vantara Federal among the industry leaders joining the IBIA,” said John Mears, chairman of the IBIA board. “Their innovative products and solutions support key benefits of the technology – enhanced privacy and security. We look forward to their contributions to advocacy for our industry.”

Source: Hitachi Vantara Federal

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