GuardianSat joins SDA TAP LAB

On May 28, Colorado Springs, CO-based GuardianSat, a company focused on space domain awareness, announced its acceptance into the prestigious Space Development Agency’s Tools Applications and Processing Laboratory (SDA TAP LAB). This inclusion highlights GuardianSat’s commitment to advancing space safety and its alignment with national security objectives, the company said.

In an era where space domain security is critical, the United States seeks to maintain peace, stability, and accessibility in outer space. The U.S. Space Force (USSF) emphasizes the importance of space power to safeguard freedoms across various domains. GuardianSat’s integration into the SDA TAP LAB underscores its pivotal role in supporting these efforts.

The SDA TAP LAB focuses on rapidly integrating innovative applications to close gaps in space domain awareness and response capabilities. GuardianSat joins the Apollo Accelerator program, gaining access to invaluable resources including expert mentorship, a dedicated cloud environment, and critical operational data. This initiative supports projects aimed at mitigating both direct ascent and co-orbital anti-satellite threats among other challenges.

By participating in the SDA TAP LAB, GuardianSat will enhance its capabilities in detecting and mitigating threats to space assets. This collaboration allows for direct interaction with space operators and other stakeholders, fostering a deeper understanding of the operational landscape and enhancing the development of targeted solutions. The program culminates in a Demo Day, showcasing the collaborative efforts of all participants in a fully integrated system demonstration.

Source: GuardianSat

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